Round #8 = Family and Foosball

On Day 127 of Megan’s journey towards a full recovery from stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, she stepped into the ring for Round #8 of her chemo treatments.  Yesterday was a great day for Megan as she was busy most of the day, which didn’t give her time to worry about her upcoming treatment.  She had an appointment at CDH in the morning, was serenaded by the CCHS Madrigals, went to eat with the Madrigals at La Piazza, and went to the auditions for the Small Town Theatrics upcoming production of “Mary Poppins”.  After all of that, she went to Dairy Queen with Kim Scerine and didn’t get home until about 10:00 p.m.  She immediately went upstairs and got ready for bed.  There was absolutely no sign of her being apprehensive about starting Round #8 today.

I left at about 5:15 a.m. this morning because I was scheduled to run the Lemont Quarryman 10 miler with Shawn Hamilton this morning.  Since we knew that Megan’s chemo treatment would not actually get started until the afternoon, Deb and Megan thought it would be okay for me to go ahead and run the race since it started at 7:30 a.m.  Before Megan can start this particular chemo cycle, she has to  be adequately hydrated, which can take up to four hours.  Since Megan was scheduled to check in at 9:00 a.m., it was going to be awhile before her treatment started.  By the way, the Lemont Quarryman is the most hilly course I have ever run, but it was still a lot of fun.

Megan and Deb checked in a little after nine, but they didn’t have any beds available on her usual pediatric floor.  When that happens, they temporarily check them into rooms on the 4th floor.  After they got checked in, Megan had to get her port accessed.  Usually, Megan gets her port accessed in the clinic on the first floor before they move her up to her regular room, but since she checked in on the weekend, she had to get accessed in her room.  This made her a little nervous because the nurses in the clinic access ports all day long, so Megan is very comfortable with them.  Worrying about getting her port accessed caused her to have a little anxiety, but she was able to calm herself down…and Nurse Shannon did a great job of accessing her.

I got home from the Quarryman run at about 10:30 a.m.  I hurried to get cleaned up so Kenzie and I could head up to CDH to spend the day with Megan.  When we got there, Megan was up in her room on the 4th floor where the nurses had brought her a portable fish tank to look at that was recently donated to the hospital.  Megan was sitting in a chair mesmerized by the salt water fish that were in the tank.  Soon after we arrived, I went with Deb down to the cafeteria and Kenzie hung out with Megan in her room.

One of the cool things about the 4th floor rooms is that there is a game room with a foosball table.  Deb and Megan had played a game earlier, but Megan wanted all four of us to play.  We ended up playing about four games before Megan’s legs started getting too tired.  We all had a blast.  When Megan is in the hospital, she just needs things to take her mind off of the length of her visit, and today, family and foosball did just the trick.  Here are pictures of Megan and Kenzie playing a game.

20150509_14045620150509_140501After the intense foosball contest, a room opened on her usual pediatric floor, so we made the move back down.  Kenzie and Megan started drawing pictures and trying to guess what each other had drawn.  Unfortunately, poor Megan got her father’s severely limited artistic ability 😦  However, Kenzie was turning out picture after picture, and Megan was having a great time guessing the different characters Kenzie was drawing.

At about 4:00 p.m., we were still waiting for Megan’s hydration tests to come back so chemo hadn’t started yet.  We all decided we were hungry and saw an advertisement on television for the Big Dipper Pizza from Pizza Hut, so we ordered one for delivery.  Megan ate about three pieces and had a breadstick, which was great.  It’s always good if she eats well just before her chemo treatments start because it gives her strength to get through those first couple days.

After the food came, I wanted to make sure Megan’s chemo got started before Kenzie and I headed for home.  At about 5:30 p.m. her hydration levels were good and the chemo meds came up from the pharmacy so she could get started.  Getting started so late today doesn’t bode well for a Wednesday homecoming, but we will see.  Megan has proven us wrong before.  For the next five days, Megan will receive an infusion of Ifosfamide followed by an infusion of Etoposide each day.  After I was sure her chemo was started, Kenzie and I headed for home.  Deb is going to stay with Megan tonight, and I will stay with her on Sunday night.  It’s always a little sad for Megan when our family has to split up because of her hospital stays, but she was happy to know that all four of us would be together tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s Day at the hospital.  Here is a picture taken of the girls just before we left the hospital.

20150509_151121Megan stepped into the ring for Round #8 as ready for battle as she has ever been.  She knows that once she wins this round, she has a two week break coming from chemo treatments.  That is her motivation right now.

Cancer is a very powerful disease, but it is nowhere near as strong as the tie that binds our family together.  It is also not nearly as strong as all of the “Team Megan” supporters who continue to kindly send their thoughts and prayers to Megan on a daily basis.  Megan is one of the strongest and most determined young ladies I have ever seen, but to win this battle, she needs more than her own strength.  She also needs the strength of family, friends and her “Team Megan” warriors.  Make no mistake…Megan is winning this battle, and when she has officially knocked out cancer, everyone who is sending their love and support to her will share in the ultimate victory.  Our family could never thank all of you enough!!!

Day 1 of Round #8 is almost over.  Let’s get to Day 128 and win another day…

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Megan is my beautiful 14 year old daughter who is currently fighting Stage 4 cancer. This is the story of her journey as told by her father.

21 thoughts on “Round #8 = Family and Foosball”

  1. Fish tanks, foosball, family…..fabulous ways to make day 1 of 5 tolerable! I watched the Tom Brokaw special Friday about his journey with cancer, and he admitted his big mistake initially was to not share his condition with friends and the world at large. He now acknowledges fighting cancer is a team effort, and the more warriors on your team, the better! Thank goodness your family got it right from the beginning. We’re all stronger for it. Hang tough, Megan!


  2. Gooooo Team Megan and Bugg Family…… You Rock!!!! Sending love , prayers and only positives thoughts your way!! 😉!!!!


  3. One day at a time megan.and you have proven that each day has its moments..but you make the best of those moments and turn them into day 128 will just be and your family are in my thoughts..hang in there little angel..


  4. Even though checking in for day one of a cycle on the weekend puts a kink in what Megan is used to it was good that you all could spend most of the day together and will be together tomorrow. All of Team Megan is looking forward to the celebration that comes with the win.
    Meanwhile we will celebrate the little victories along the way as well as continuing to pray. Rest well!


  5. Thinking of you little warrior, sending positive thoughts n prayers as you take on this next battle. Know you will be victorious. Stay strong!!


  6. So happy all of you could spend the day together. Sounds like there was a lot of fun & laughs. Best of luck Megan on the next step of your journey. You can do this Megan! Prayers coming your way. GO TEAM MEGAN!


  7. Go Megan!!! Youre so blessed, Megan, to have o much support out there. Lot of prayers going up on your behalf and I’m convinced that counts for something. I’m surprised they schedule rounds of chemo so close. I would’ve thought they would’ve given your body more of a chance to recuperate, bounce back. I know little about cancer treatment protocols. It’s been almost 50 years since my internship on a pediatric cancer unit. Life & treatments are so very different, far advanced. Our friend Aaron is Social Worker on an adolescent unit–kind of a mixed bag if, as he ranted about Red Band Society (TV show), someone w/an eating disorder would never be there. Theyd be stabilized as needed & sent to an inpatient facility that provides that kind of specialized Rx. The irony is Aaron facilitates a men’s eating disorders group as well as a Jewish Gay men’s group. His husband is a Nurse Anesthetist & I think they see each other at the hospital more than they do home!
    Our Practice is general practice social work–mixed bag. We rarely treat children or adolescents. There are social work/counseling practices in the area who do a superb job of that, have the expertise. Our colleague Matt has a few adolescent clients & our Consultant Rachel, who works exclusively w/transgender folks, has some younger kids in the process of discernment but she sees them at our Practice due to lack of adequate space at our Pride Center that’s bursting at the seams!
    We hope this round of chemo goes well & goes quickly so youll be home w/your family & “menagerie!”
    I will bring you up at our Healing Ministry at Mass tomorrow. Take care of yourself, Good luck & God bless!
    PK Miller, Tim Montgomery & Snoopy, Cat from Hell!


  8. Hang in there, Megan! I know that you can do it. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Have a Super Sunday! God bless! Happy Mother’s Day Deb. Love from Grandma Jan!


  9. I Have thought about all of you all day today. All of this positive energy is so inspiring 😊. One day down, four to go. You can do it!❤️


  10. What a great post! There really is nothing like family to get you through life’s challenges. You’re doing great Megan. I truly admire your strength and determination. That two week break you have coming up sounds wonderful!


  11. Congrats to the running gazelle in the family 🙂 🐎
    Happy mothers day Deb 💐 are a rock star of a big sis! 👭
    Megan…you’re my hometown hero!! 🏆


  12. A portable fish tank would be awesome. You can just lose yourself staring at the fish. If you watch for awhile you can start to see their personalities come out. Who the bullies are, who the shy ones are. Of course I can’t look at a salt water tank without thinking of Nemo and Dory and the advice I think of over and over when things start to get tough: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming” You can do it Megan!


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